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Published on 22nd February 2019

Writing is Easy

…Says no real content writer because it’s not -- and you shouldn’t expect it to be. That’s why you’re hiring a pro! Writing can be enjoyed. It can be rewarding, and it can make the difference in a sale. Words have the ability to influence a consumer to purchase a product or turn them away from your brand completely. With that much power in words, why would you want it to be taken lightly? Successfully writing to sell a brand or product can be a tedious process and it requires hard work!

Content writers, SEO writers and copy writers must know the English language, know the audience, know the customer’s brand, the product AND how to advertise it to consumers. And when that is over, they must measure the success of what was written and tweak it if needed.

When looking for someone to hire as a content writer, be cautious of the ones who claim it’s easy. Instead, go with the person who can admit it may be a challenge, but is willing to take it.

People aren’t just going to give up their hard-earned money because of some fancy words on-screen. It is going to take trial and error, research and for someone to enjoy what they are writing.

If you’re looking for a content writer, to grow your digital presence through SEO or to generate more sales through well-written SEO copy, send me a message at WhatShanWrote@gmail.com