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Published on 16th April 2019

Why Too Many Goals Is A Bad Thing

You’re making a list. You’re checking it twice. You realize you have a hundred and one things to accomplish by yesterday. Look, goal-setting is essential. It helps us recognize what we need and want to do. BUT, there is such a thing as having too many goals. And, it’s bad. Real bad.

Goals help provide a long-term and short-term vision. It’s a great resource to maintain focus and motivate us into achieving our desires. However, when putting your goals into place, it can become counterproductive when it reaches a specific number. There’s a great article on Forbes.com that explains why you should focus on fewer goals in order to achieve more of them.

Too many goals are a bad thing because it leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Take another look at your goal sheet. Are you feeling motivated and ready to tackle them or stressed about which to do, and worried about how you’ll get it done? Spreading your attention across multiple activities make you less productive. We naturally feel more comfortable with fewer choices. The more you add, the more uneasy you become. Take another look at your goal sheet and focus on the most important two or three. Break them up into goals that will take a long time and goals that can be accomplished in a short amount of time but keep it short.

Having a long list of goals can also cause fewer results. It is humanly impossible to work 24/7, and your goals should reflect that. (Read as: keep it realistic, dummy). Goals must be paired with our daily life which often includes family, faith, friends, and freakin’work. You may try to focus on your long list of goals and slowly realize that you’re getting nowhere fast due to the multitasking. Having multiple goals can make it easier for you to discard one and move on to the next if you begin to feel frustrated or tired. While you may come back to the previous goal, you’re not getting much done with the flip flop. By limiting yourself to two or three goals, you can more effectively spend time and execute accomplishing it.

Save yourself some time and sanity – set fewer goals and get more significant results. As someone who is a 9-5er starting a freelance content writing business, wedding planning, trying to maintain somewhat of a fitness routine, keep up with family, friends and a fiancé plus more – trust me when I say I understand trying to write down every single goal to do by last week. But, we must play it SMART. Keep your goals Specific (and short), Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.