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Published on 22nd February 2019

What's In It For Me?

We’ve all asked our self this exact question when deciding whether or not to spend our money on a product. Sure, telling the features of your product or service is great butttttt what’s in it for your customer?

Customers don’t care how much you've spent designing it, how cool something looks or what it’s made of. They want to know how it can make their life better or easier.

A dress made from the finest elastic material means nothing. But writing about “A comfortable, body-fitting dress made from elastic that helps complements your natural curves making you look slimmer” is more focused on what it can do for the customer. Someone looking to highlight their curves or have a more toned look will be interested in the elastic material of the dress.

You’ve got to ask, “what does my product or service do/offer that will benefit the customer?”. Then you must answer the question by selling/explaining the benefit. When you can satisfy the reader on what they stand to gain, you can then support the benefits with the features.

Example: “Look Like You Lost 5-pounds In Our Elastic, Body-Hugging Dress” vs “Buy Our Stretchy Elastic Dress”

Which headline got your attention?

One little caveat - your benefit has to be FACTUAL. Don’t make up what you want your product to do, or think your service can do. It has to actually do it.

If you can’t think of a reason to buy your own product, you need to rethink your business. Less feature talk, more benefits!

Care about your customers’ needs and they will care about your product and service. Not sure how to find the true benefit of your service or product? Let’s talk, I’ll write. This is #WhatShanWrote.