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Published on 11th January 2020

The BEST Way to Immediately Improve Your Social Media Marketing (For Free)

Unless your sex tape goes viral and helps launch you into the limelight, you’re going to have to be intentional and proactive about your marketing.

Marketing isn’t by luck, chance, or copying someone else. It’s through strategy and execution. Your job is to plan, create, analyze, and repeat. You don’t have to wear the hat as a marketer to successfully market your product or service. Here’s the BEST way to instantly improve your social media marketing efforts for free.

Get Social

It’s not called anti-social media, so you need to interact. With approximately 3.2 billion people in the world on social media, you can be sure the very exact people you are looking to reach are in those numbers.

Jump on Instagram or Facebook live, make a video, or talk to your audience in the comments. If you’re thinking, “who got time for that?” You don’t need a social media account.

Proper planning will ensure that you’re not jumping on social media and hanging out there all day. Operate using a content calendar. Choose select times of the day (when your audience is most active) to get social on the ‘gram or any social site you choose.

If you post a video, make it fun. Have a personality and passion. If you’re not excited about your service or product – your audience isn’t either, no matter how beneficial it is. Get your customers and potential customers excited and engaged. Don't post and ghost!

According to a study done by Forbes in 2018, 7 out of 10 consumers who had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to family and friends.

Incorporate GIFs, surveys, giveaways, influencer marketing, or live question and answer sessions. If you’re posting on your feed – make the content eye-catching. Research colors that resonate with genders. Use power words that demand attention. Incorporate hashtags that relate to your business. You should also reach out and talk to your neighbor.

And by that, I mean commenting on other pages’ posts. Answer someone else's questions or genuinely give a compliment. Come on, you know how to be social! It’s like talking to your best friend.

Focus less on going viral – that shouldn’t be your goal. Your goal is to improve your social media marketing, and that requires you to get social. Below, I give some easy content ideas that you can use.

The content provided will help you connect with your audience and market your business organically. Through the different types of posts, you will be offering your audience so much useful content that when it comes time to pitch your services, they are more inclined to purchase because of the positive interactions and valuable insights. And to think, you can post and engage for free!

8 Easy Content Ideas for Social Media

Keep in mind there’s no magic formula for marketing, but there is something stronger – research. Research shows that it’s important to post frequently and consistently. Through your own sites’ analytics, you eventually learn what works best for your brand. I’ve comprised content themes that you can use to post daily.

The key is to make sure you’re posting a variety of content, and to make sure you are, remember these four categories: image, video, text, audio.

Where’s the immediate proof?

Watch your page analytics. Once you decide to add “being social” to your marketing efforts, you will notice an increase in followers, engagements, page views, comments, etc. It’s important to remember that you won’t see huge gains overnight, but weekly (if you’re consistent), you’re going to see improvements in your stats. 

Best of all, you will have a LOYAL audience base that looks forward to seeing your posts! And you can’t pay for loyalty.