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Published on 24th May 2019

How I Landed A Client in An Uncommon Place

Being in the business of freelancing is as tough as eating cereal with a fork; when you throw in the task of being a freelance copywriter – let’s hope that your cereal is soggy enough to poke through. You are hungry, right?

As a freelancer, you’re supposed to promote yourself nonstop. You need to be hungry to get your first client. Metaphorically, of course. Say your elevator pitch on more than just the elevator. You’ve got to pitch in the bathroom, in the parking lot, checking out groceries, and even on the altar. Can I get a witness?

This way of thinking didn’t dawn on me until I landed a client in an uncommon place – the beauty spa. It fell right on my face, literally. I sat back in a chair and spoke to the lady who was threading my eyebrows. Through casual conversation, she asked, “what do you do?” I responded, “I’m a copywriter.” She kept asking questions, further investigating as if what I said was unheard of.

Her interest was piqued, and she asked questions to see if she could hire me as a freelance copywriter for her spa business. Long blog post short (kind of) – once I realized what was happening, I began to sell myself. I walked in ready to get my eyebrows done and walked out with a new client for my copywriting business.

I wish it was all this easy; it’s not. However, I learned the importance of continually selling yourself. Your next client is anyone, anywhere. Be ready. I’m in no way advising you to shove your business cards down the throat of the lady waiting to see the doctor – but be intentional in your conversations. Foster relationships in your everyday routine, so people know who are and what you do.

The path to success as a freelancer is anything but defined. To find clients, we’re told network at events, send cold emails, ask our mother’s cousin sister and then some. While these are all solid advice (even the last one), your next client can be in those places you overlook.

My first client was landed in an uncommon place, but that may be one of best ways to find them. I encourage my fellow freelancers to be aware of new opportunities in unlikely places. Your next client may be at the gym, pumping gas, or the person sitting next to you on the bus.

My copywriting freelancing journey has been a rough one, but as I continue to move forward, I get reminders of why I keep going.