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Published on 9th January 2020

Hi You. I See You Need A Copywriter.

Netflix's "You"

Hi business owner, I want to talk to you. Yes, you -- the person who loves their products or services and can describe them for days on end. You're passionate. You believe in your business. You understand that your product can help people. And let's be real. You want to make money.

You're investing in your marketing, the ads, social media, and more. But something isn't right, and you think it's your delivery – more specifically, the words. You try tweaking it, and everyone around you thinks it's brilliant, but ehh. You're still unsure. This would be a great time to bring a copywriter on board...

Netflix's "You"

Copywriting strategically blends art and science to craft words that get people to act. Copy is more than just words, though. It's words that sell. Copywriting has the power to take your product and shine it in a light that directly attracts your target audience to act in the form of clicking, buying, downloading, etc.

Okay, so what makes a copywriter more qualified than you – the person who knows the brand in and out?


When I work with clients, I don't think I'm more qualified. I'm trained differently. In fact, without you, I can't do my job. You're the brand expert. A copywriter is a words expert. They understand your audience. They know which words to use to move an audience. A copywriter knows that specific fonts are better, how using a particular color for a call-to-action button can increase the click-through-rate, and more. Through this partnership, you and the copywriter can create content that can be consumed, enjoyed, and move readers to act.

As a copywriter, I help transform bland copy into words that spark readers to feel and act. With over two years' experience, I have been able to help brands write or rewrite web pages, sales funnel copy, social media ads, email copy, social media posts, blog posts, TV and radio scripts.

I would love to help you connect with your audience through engaging copy that can increase sales. For January, I will be offering 10 slots for copywriting consultations for just $15! We'll have a 30-minute phone conversation  to discuss your frustrations and goals, followed by suggestions on how to improve your copy. Send me an email at whatshanwrote@gmail.com.

You're shy, but you're still here.... which lets me know that you really do want my help. You want to see results and transform your copy to connect with your audience. I think that makes you... smart. See you in my inbox at whatshanwrote@gmail.com.