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Published on 13th March 2019

5 Signs Your Business Needs A Content Writer

If you’ve been questioning whether you need a skillful content writer to come around and help spruce up your copy…chances are you probably do. I get it. You’re hesitant. You don’t want to spend money. But this probably means you won’t make any money.

Yes, bad copy can lead to you losing business and therefore, money. According to an article written on Salesforce.com, 97% of consumers said that bad content negatively affected their trust in a brand. Don’t lose customers or money because of bad copy!

Not sure if this message applies to you? Checkout these 5 signs your business needs a content writer.

1. You have little to no copy or content on your website.

    When using search engines, content is what helps people searching online find your business. The success of your website highly depends on its content, so you better have some and it better be good! Publishing good content will increase the number of people who will find your site. An increase in traffic leads to a better ROI.

    Read through the content on each of your webpage. If you see that there is little to no words, consider adding more content to it. One of the best ways to generate content is to have a blog site. A blog can be used to regularly push out new information and keep consumers informed.

    Make sure when adding content to your page you are addressing: who you are, what you do, where you are and how to reach you. If writing content seems like a dreaded task, consider hiring a professional content writer.

    2. Your content is outdated.

      There’s nothing worse than searching for something, finding it then realizing that the information doesn’t apply anymore. Keep your content fresh and updated on a regular basis. As the internet evolves, so do search engines. Add new pages and update existing pages to remain relevant on search engines.

      If you are having a tough time thinking of what to add, look into hiring an expert content writer. They will be able to generate content around your consumer’s interests, news or trending topics. A good content writer understands writing helpful, updated, clear copy can help optimize your pages and help users find you.

      3. You have a writer who doesn’t know how to optimize your content.

        All writing is not good writing. Make sure that whoever oversees writing your copy understands how to optimize it for search engines, how to search and incorporate keywords and how to make the copy engaging.

        If your readers aren’t connecting with the words, then your content is not working. Team up with a content writer who understands how to effectively write for the web and readers.

        4. You don’t even like reading the words on your website.

          If you can barely stand to read another word on your website, neither will the readers. Don’t settle for boring copy -- change it up… frequently. The purpose of every single sentence on your page should be to get the consumer to read the next sentence. If someone is tapping out mid-way, then your business needs a content writer and new copy!

          5. You’re still reading this.

            If you made it to sign number 5 then you are in need of an experienced content writer. You are taking the necessary steps in understanding that your webpages can be enhanced, optimized, and updated.

            Don’t let your business lose out on any more money. Hire me to help re-write your copy, improve your search engine rankings and get your page more traffic.

            Get your readers attention. The internet is a crowded space where only the relevant websites succeed. Let me help your business rise to the top with well-written content.

            For more information on me or my services, please contact me, or email WhatShanWrote@gmail.com

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