5 Ways to Ready Your Cadillac for a Road Trip

The great thing about hitting the open road is the adventure that comes with it. Whether you’re making a solo trip, riding around with friends, or cruising with family, a road trip with your treasured Cadillac is sure to create memories that you’ll replay in your head like a favorite tune. Before the snacks, music playlist, and the list of destinations you plan to visit – it's imperative to get your Cadillac ready for your road trip. Here are five ways how.

Meet Our Partners in Clean Beauty Skincare

If you’ve ever read the ingredients on some of your store-bought lotions and face wash and thought, “I don’t even know how to say this” -- then these good-smellin', budget-friendly, chemical-free skincare products are for you. We’ve carefully chosen to partner with companies that cater to conscious consumers and support being good for people and good to the environment. Let's meet the clean beauty brands specifically created to solve your skin concerns – effectively and naturally!

How I Relate to Pumbaa from The Lion King

When watching The Lion King as a kid, I loved everything about it — the characters, the imagery, and of course, the music. One of my favorite songs is “Hakuna Matata.” As a kid, it was a catchy jingle that sounded too cool to not sing. As an adult, it’s become a reminder to not sweat the small stuff in an ever-hectic world. Recently, I caught the animated version in theaters and passionately sang along with Pumbaa:

3 Ways Arguing Made My Relationship Stronger

The idea of conflict, a heated discussion or arguing can be a turn off for most people. I mean, who wants to be in a disagreement with someone – especially if it’s somebody you love. It can be draining and sometimes scary. But studies show conflict is healthy and a sign of a mature relationship. When my relationship first began, I thought it was close to perfect. I couldn’t fathom what me and my then-boyfriend, now fiancé, would argue about. I was in for a rude awakening